Lectures and lecturers

The list of Summer School lectures is given below. The organizers reserve a right for changes.

Plenary lectures (all tracks)

  • Eduardo Gallego (IRPA): History of radiation protection towards current guidelines and legislation
  • Gaston Meskens (SCK•CEN): Ethical considerations on nuclear and radiological risk governance
  • Fernando Gonzalez (Tecnatom): Nuclear safety culture
  • Riccardo Rossa (ESARDA): Nuclear safeguards
  • Riccardo Rossa (ESARDA): Nuclear security
  • John Roberts (UMan): The impact of nuclear and radiological accidents
  • John Roberts (UMan): Perception vs reality of nuclear safety, waste and costs
  • Bogdan Buhai (Framatome): Safety features of Generation 3 fission reactors
  • Jaakko Leppänen (Aalto&VTT): Development challenges of Generation 4 reactors
  • Marjatta Palmu (Posiva): Management of radioactive and nuclear waste in Finland
  • Roger Jaspers (TU/e): The seven challenges of fusion
  • Gianfranco Federici (EUROfusion): Design of DEMO: implications of the nuclear aspects

Nuclear Technology lectures (N-track)

  • Antti Rantakaulio (Fortum): Small Modular Reactor concepts and their licensing
  • Juhani Hyvärinen (LUT): Overall safety conceptual framework
  • Jaakko Leppänen (Aalto&VTT): Monte Carlo methods in reactor physics calculations
  • Dario Manara (JRC): General introduction to nuclear fuels
  • Dario Manara (JRC): Nuclear fuel cycles
  • Roger Jaspers (TU/e): The physics basics of a fusion reactor
  • Bogdan Buhai (Framatome): Basics of nuclear regulation and its impact on licensing and design of nuclear power plants
  • Ian Bonnett (ITER): Introduction to Tritium and its processing for Fusion reactors
  • Michael Loughlin (ITER): Neutron irradiation: what is the impact on the material properties, neutron stopping, safety issues, production of radioactive waste

Waste Management lectures (W-track)

  • Behrooz Bazargan-Sabet (UL): Front end nuclear fuel cycle wastes
  • Patxi Elorza (UPM): Hydro-mechanical and transport processes
  • Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume (U St Etienne): Natural analogues
  • John Roberts (UMan): Radioactive waste immobilisation and geological disposal
  • Pietari Skyttä (UTu): Coupling between the brittle and ductile deformation structures in crystalline bedrock
  • Karsten Pedersen (Micans): Microbiology in nuclear waste disposal
  • Doctoral students of the PETRUS PhD Event: Presentations of PhD research topics

Radiation Protection lectures (R-track)

  • Marco Caresana (EURADOS): Refresher of dosimetric quantities
  • Marco Caresana (EURADOS): External and environmental dosimetry
  • Marco Caresana (EURADOS): Calibration traceability and the role of a secondary standard laboratory
  • Gaston Meskens (SCK•CEN): Interactive workshop on nuclear technology assessment and ethics
  • Sisko Salomaa (STUK): Biological effects of ionizing radiation on humans and biota
  • Sisko Salomaa (STUK): Health effects of ionizing radiation
  • Sylvain Andresz (EAN): ALARA fundamentals
  • Sylvain Andresz (EAN): ALARA culture
  • Jukka Lehto (UHel): Sources of radionuclides in air, water and soil
  • Jukka Lehto (UHel): Transfer processes of radionuclides in the environment

Excursion to Olkiluoto, the nuclear site of TVO and Posiva (all tracks)

  • Presentations on Olkiluoto, BWR, EPR and encapsulation plant
  • Visit to LLW+ILW storage facility, Onkalo exhibition and on-the-ground research facilities
  • Olkiluoto 3 bus tour and visit to visitor centre